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We offer an extensive program of anticorrosive protection of paintings, steel constructions and protection of concrete parts.

Complex Services:
- Proposal of preparation of surface, protection system and application method
- Construction of the appropriate system
- Surface Preparation
- Delivery and application of a protective system
- Waste liquidation

We will provide you with a free elaboration of optimal surface preparing and application methods concerning the extreme climate conditions as well as chemical environment.

The founders of the company were the members of Protective Colours, which have been already working in this field for 10 years. The firm continues in the special activity. There are used the experience of long time practice with preparing the surfaces and application of protective matters.

They were among the first firms in the Czech Republic, which had begun to use the up-to-date and highly efficient materials for the protection manufactured by the leading world producers. Highly efficient materials of the painting systems on the basis of mastication basic epoxides with 85% dry matter content (polyamide, ferrite, mica, zinc, aluminum etc.), e.g. PPG (the U.S.A.), Hempel (Denmark), Jotun (Norway), Le segnore, International (France), Ameron (the Netherlands), Thnemec (the U.S.A.) and Derisol (Germany). The lifetime of these systems is approximately 30 years.

The company uses the materials with the quality certificates ISO 9001, and it also owns the quality certificates issued by the experimental office ?Bridge and Tunnel Administration? (also for surfaces - St. 3).
The firm Protective Colours, s.r.o. owns the certificates for application of these materials.

For the work with the painting systems the firm uses the up-to-date technology Graco Airless (USA) - technical system of high-pressure non-air sprayed (pressure: 230 bar), which ensures the surface uniformity also at the width of one layer of 120 micrometers.

Before the application itself the firm Protective Colours s.r.o. prepares the surface quality with suitable technologies:
- Mobile silicious sand (up to the purity level Sa. 2.5)
- Press water
- Intensively mechanically electrical hammers BOSCH (up to the purity level St. 3)

In order to provide the quality of provided works the firms uses its own multi-functional system with maximal scope including its own mobile technology.

The firm Protective Colours s.r.o. participates in the program of dangerous waste liquidation.

The firm is involved in the list of application firm - Bridge and Tunnel Administration. Additionally, it participates in the program of fluid kettle constructions. In this program other participants are Cepro a.s. and Rako Rakovník a.s. The company co-operates with Czech firms, e.g. Metrostav Praha a.s. (concrete floors - construction of the department store TESCO Letnany) as well as supra-national companies - CNIM (F), Cdf (F), Foster Wheeler (FIN), IVO Power Group (FIN) and Messer Gas (D).